DCU Serie

Pumps with gearbox for DCU Series Motors

Taking advantage of the experience acquired in the tractor pump sector, we have created a range of pumps for motors that can be used in low, medium and high pressure irrigation systems. Also for this pump the use of the gear multiplier is of fundamental importance since it allows to transform the revolutions of the engine power take-off into operating speed for the pump impeller. They are applied coaxially to motors by adopting an elastic transmission joint and, in less demanding cases of axial alignment, also with the use of a short cardan joint.

The speed multiplier is made up of four helical toothed gears, shaved, heat treated, and housed in a box that contains the exclusive cooling system inside. The hydraulic unit is made up of a spiral manifold with a closed impeller with helicocentrifuge blades dynamically balanced. The ports are flanged according to the UNI standards. Also for this series of pumps the adjustable stuffing box on the shaft with graphite packing has been adopted. The multiplier is lubricated with oil with a level control rod. Sturdy bearings guarantee these pumps safety and durability at every level of use.
The DCU series includes single-stage low, medium and high head pumps


  • Flow rates up to 540 m3 / h
  • Heads up to 168 meters.

Tech sheet