Landini Pompe has equipped itself with a modern test room, where, in addition to performing reliability and durability tests on the entire range of pumps produced, it can, upon request of customers or certification bodies, certify and obtain technical and operational data also on third parts pumps.

A new reinforced version “NT” was recently created for multistage flanged pumps series “FMS”.

The increasingly frequent stresses and vibrations, to which flanged pumps are subjected, make the classic impeller drive system by means of a key a critical point that leads to increasingly frequent shaft breaks, despite the use of the best steels.

Our technical department has developed a new impeller drive system by means of a 17-tooth DIN keying obtained on the shaft. All our “FMS” series multistage flanged pumps are equipped with this new type of shaft on all models (with the exception of the smallest ones up to 65HP).

Thanks to the use of top quality materials for the shaft (39NiCrMo03 tempered steel) with bearings of European production only, and to the use of a case-hardened steel washer suitable for the shoulder of the first impeller, these pumps guarantee excellent reliability, already proven after 5 years from entry into production. Both the chromed bushing near the gland packing and all the impeller spacers are in stainless steel and can be inserted manually following the grooved profile of the shaft. The suction cone (standard also on two-stage models) mounts a rectified brass compass inside, while the end of the shaft that will fit inside it, mounts a chromed steel bushing. The rubbing of the two different materials prevents unpleasant seizures during the short dry start of the pump, sometimes assisted by self-priming systems.

Finally, the Mechanical Seal available on request (designed for the industrial sector) is made with both surfaces in “Widia” and guarantees operating pressures up to 12bar.