LLT Series

LLT Series – Medium head – PTO for tractor
Small size pumps for LLT pto

Surface pumps for power take-off

The small size, the low weight (14 Kg.), The constructive and operating simplicity, give these small centrifugal pumps applicable to tractors those characteristics of reliability in operation and versatility in the use typical of the highly qualified product.
In fact, designed to be used mainly in transfer, lifting and small irrigation services, the adoption of the mechanical seal on the impeller shaft together with further constructive measures, has allowed its successful use also in the field of fertigation.

Constructively, the pumps are equipped with a speed multiplier with two helical teeth gears in heat-treated steel with oil bath lubrication, while the use of fine-grained mechanical cast iron was preferred for the casting parts.
The pump nozzles are supplied already equipped with threaded counter flanges diameter 1 "1/2 x 1" 1/2 and upon request, further equipped with plastic hose connector diameter 50mm for the suction and 50mm diameter curve for the delivery, as well as foot valve complete with hose connection. The LLT / A52 model is the version with 1 ”3/8 keyed power take-off that can be applied to a standard cardan shaft and can be anchored to any trolley or frame by means of its own specially drilled bracket.


  • Flow rates up to 30 m3 / h
  • Heads up to 47 meters


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