FMS Series multistage

Multistage FMS Series
Multistage pumps with flanged support SAE FMS
Surface pumps with horizontal axis
Possibility of building motor pumps

1 Support
2 Delivery body
3 Impeller
4 Casing
5 Support with bronze journal bearing
6 Wear ring
7 Diffuser
8 Cover suction side
9 Pump shaft
10 Shaft bushing
11 Packing
12 Packing gland

These single-stage and multistage centrifugal pumps with horizontal shaft are equipped with a support with a coupling flange to be directly coupled to thermic engines. A strong support flanged in compliance with the “SAE” international norms, the shaft with three bearings in oil bath and a flexible coupling, make it possible to flange the FMS pumps directly to the flywheels of Diesel engines. Therefore, the type of motor and the SAE specific size of the bell-joint are enough to determine the flange and flexible coupling dimensions.
The FD pumps, specially designed for small motor pump assemblies, are provided with a support without bearings and with special flamingos. The pump shaft can be coupled to the motor flywheels directly or through a not-flexible coupling.
Being these couplings safe and easy to use, they can guarantee a perfect and constant alignment and meet the requirements for a better and better efficiency of the motor pump assemblies.

The materials employed, carefully worked and selected, are fine-grained gray cast iron for the hydraulic unit and for the support, hardened and tempered steel for the pump shaft. In the multistage pumps the intermediate diffusers with direction blades and the spiral delivery body are equipped with direction blades and the spiral delivery body are equipped with seal rings which can be easily replaced on each impeller. The centrifugal impellers are dynamically balanced. Near the packing, the pump shaft which is supported by suitably selected and dimensioned bearings is protected by a hard-chromed brass bushing which can be easily replaced. In the multistage pumps, the shaft is always guided by a support with a bronze journal bearing placed in the suction cover.

According to the materials normally used in the production, the FMS/FD pumps are suitable for lifting soft water which is chemically and mechanically not aggressive. Max. water temperature: 90° C - Max. water Max. water hardness: 40 g/m3.

FMS / FD pumps can be equipped with different materials such as:
giranti in bronzo, albero pompa in acciaio inox, tenuta meccanica e inoltre possono essere realizzate motopompe.

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