D series with RA control

D Series with RA control – Diesel engine
Vertical axis pumps for bored wells D RA
6 “, 8”, 10 “well pumps and electric pumps

1. Delivery base
2. Driving shaft
3. Bevel gear pair
4. Power takeoff shaft
5. Cooling coil
6. Lubrication circuit
7. Line shaft
8. Body pump
9. Impeller
10. Pump shaft
11. Foot valve
12. Strainer


All drive units, in the four versions, are characterized by a strong support for the unit weight and by a safe operation of the pumps. The angle driving gears, series RA, are coupled to the thermic motors through a balanced cardan shaft. The helicaltoothed gears, supported by suitably dimensioned bearings, are made in cemented and hardened Nr-Cr alloy steel. Oil lubrication is ensured by a an efficient screw pump. The wide range of gear ratios is extended to different sizes of the angle driving gears, thus making it possible to obtain specific couplings on any type of thermic motor with powers up to 122 Hp.

Made up of a series of modular stages, they are provided with a fi tting for the upper pipe and normally with a foot valve flanged to a suction rose in galvanized steel which prevents the foreign matter from getting into the suction system. The pump bodies and the valve body are made in fine- grained gray iron, the impellers with semiaxial flow and dynamically balanced, are available in cast iron or in bronze on reques.; the pump shaft guided by wearproof rubber bearings, is in hard-chromed carbon steel or in stainless steel on request.

It is formed by a rising steel pipe with double flanged trunks whose standard length is 3 Mt. It makes it possible for the pump to be positioned in depth and to convey water. Driving is performed by rods guided on each end by wearproof rubber bearings which keep a perfect alignment of the driving axle in all installation depth. Near each rubber bearing, the rods are protected by hard-chromed wear brass bushes. The threaded connection sleeves and the rods are made in carbon steel or in stainless steel on request. The rubber bearings are arranged in the middle of a cast iron support placed between the pipe flanges.

Deep water lifting. Installation in boreholes or in the open. Irrigation systems, water systems, industrial and fire-fighting systems.

Mechanically and chemically non-aggressive fresh water lifting according to the materials normally used in production.
Max. water temperature: 40° C. Maximum water hardness: 40 g / m³.
Installation depth: up to 120 mt., in standard execution.

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